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If you want big boat performance in a smaller package then this is the boat for you! 20'9" of high performance waves, wake and ride


23' of high performance waves, wake and ride - premium quality at an affordable price




Hard to believe this boat is just 21'7", masses of space inside and a world class adjustable wake


World Wakesurf Championship towboat and another flagship of relentless innovation. 23'7" of monster wake!

Why Centurion?

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Why Centurion Boats

For over 40 years Centurion has built high performance watersports tow-boats. Focused on innovation for wakeboard, waterski, and wakesurf, Centurion has a 2018 line of boats that gives you the ultimate experience on the water.

The latest range of wakeboard and wakesurf boats are built on Centurion's long reputation for excellence in V-drive boats. Centurion expanded from V-drive race boats to build the first V-drive watersports towboat, the Falcon V-Drive, in 1986. Going against the norm by placing the engine in the back, Centurion paved the way for innovative seating arrangements, smoother rides (due to the straked deep V hull) and, ultimate, bigger wakes for the wakeboarding and wakesurfing markets.

Centurion remained at the industry forefront with the development of the first towboat specifically designed for wakeboarding and wakesurfing in 1995. Its great wakesurfing performance led it to became the towboat of the first World Wakesurfing Championship that same year. Centurion have continued to be the official towboat of the World Wakesurfing Championships every year since with the innovative Ri series the latest to hold the honour of official towboat.

But it's not really about what a company has done in the past. It's about the products they produce today and the service they deliver. Powered by the reliability and performance of PCM engines, Centurion continues to innovate to this day with RAMFILL ballast which fills and empties ballast in seconds with no pumps or sacs and Quick Surf Pro to give you the best surf experience.

As with most things in life, you get out what you put in and Centurion are committed to innovation through the production line. Centurion are the only towboat company to use a closed mold Vacuum Infusion Production (VIP) Process which results in 90% lower emissions vs traditional construction and a precise fibreglass to resin ratio. It's more environmentally friendly and produces a more consistent quality of boat.

With the Ri range the official towboat for the World Wakesurf Championship and now the official World Wakeboard Championship towboat, today's range is testament to Centurion's dedication to delivering the ultimate experience for skiers, riders and surfers.

Don't take our word for it - come and see for yourself.


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